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ft Terminal disinfection Thorough cleaning and airing.

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at the hands of the obstetric physician and nurse than

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diaphragmatic as opposed to the abdominal is enforced care

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and may even be betrayed by an emphysematous extravasation

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tion shall be valid for thirty years only and that at

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ing warriors or priests or artisans and tradesmen. And in the

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Council whose acts were valid when approved by the Danish

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Symptoms. There are symptoms of intense sore throat with

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relating to vaccination during the year 1 202 children over ten years

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engaged. The formation of callus in fractures the development of healtliy

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their gloss and are covered with a slight fibrinous exudate.

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catheter is now more frequently used for the collection of urine

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of an inch in diameter. Fully developed and sexually mature male trichina

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shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof

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strabismus. Excerpts from the proceedings of the six

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new brain in every ganglion of the body but we have only found

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flexion and withdrawal of foot. No dribbling of feces or urine

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waged between the tubercle bacilli and the specific proteolytic

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and in the lumbar region for one or two months greatly

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there and at the Emergency Hospital a man named Fitzgerald claiming to

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The writer then details fourteen case reports covering a variety

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be kept in the refrigerator as much as possible. Hashes and salads

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teries one can read Gibbon Lecky Montalembert Gregorovius

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