definite relationship between these two glands appears to be based

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of a hiccough which had for several days resisted all other remedial

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by injections into the cecum variable results were obtained intense

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worthless. In these cases the use of whalebone olive

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more liable to become disabled than other parts No because

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up a fatty degeneration. Anjemia eapecially when extreme and lou

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the blood and arrested by the fine network of capillaries by

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radical cure of hernia removal of tumours opening of

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a certain amount of the Iodine is absorbed and acts speci

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imperative. The individual case should be treated as the circumstances

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Several of the boards of guardians corresponding to

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tion and accordingly I removed the leeches stopped the bleeding as soon as

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how many are there who have the least interest in the collecting

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first suffered from a tuberculous discharge from the eye. The

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tection of children the sanitation of dangerous trades the employ

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diseases prevailing among the natives aside from small pox

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well established a distended and motionless abdomen a ra id pulse a dry

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scarlet fever and other tebrile disorders to keep the mouth

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his judgment to a diagnosis of incipient phthisis or as is more

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concerns us most in the consideration of this subject is the

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chitis asthma convulsions and in all cases where an emetic is required.

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With this mix Powdered Charcoal two drachmas and when prepared for

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the motor nerve terminationa The local apt gt lication lt jf

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to practice given after adequate evidence of fitness.

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rare but in one case there was secondary haemorrhage

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inoculation Cleland believes that he has infected those ani

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diphtheria and any other symptoms that may present themselves.

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to 85 or more when she rises up and flitters between 80

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has made many of the rarer medical texts accessible to German

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the good results which have been obtained in surgical

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serious diseases such as perixicious vomiting chorea etc.

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which is filled with the antipsoric bath. The Sheep not being able to

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nose and nasopharynx by means of small mirrors 1859 60. TQrcK wrote an

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to both mother and children despite the presence of peritonitis the last time.

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Burns. A most excellent application is a paste compoimd of common

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different strain specificity displayed by different tuberculous sera. Even in such

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douches shampooing amp c. They have considerable reputation for curing

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time at least they are to travell in parts beyond sea for

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OceuTTenct of Carcinoma in Other Viscera. For this purpose the year

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trol of Government and there was no interference with the liberty of

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your committee and reports from members of this association

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their services were in the terms of the Convention

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tight membrane leaving a space between it and the implanted muscle.

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vouches for the fact that when disease exists in the latter it can

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