of diseases both from the standpoint of diagnosis and
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alcohol CsoHgjOH united with cerotio acid CagHjjCOOH.
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cehtrifugo exciting and centrifugo inhibiting fibres may
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tines. Myomata may undergo hyaline and malignant degeneration. Fibroids
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thor divided these conditions into three classes I
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Nous avons eu aujourd hui ce 22 decembre le plus court
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the board of managers of St. Mark s Hospital at 177
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m males as in females. Furthermore it shows a certain predilection
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nauseated. Upon pulling the elevator back and nosing the machine
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costal cartilages near their junction with the ribs. When the first rib is
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The disease is usually more or less generalised. A discrete papular
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tion and at still others both phases may be recognized in the
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tbts rare Qep baue oefolueb great anb bara opilatfons anb
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Dr. Hamilton of Falkirk made a communication to the Edinburgh Ob
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in the province of Ontario it is reasonable to assume that each year
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this alteration is to allow the Commissioners to intrcduco
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seen among them. There cannot be more striking proofs
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darkened or blackened when heated with the acid the
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submaxillary gland may be involved alone. Parotitis may occur after the
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ever for it requires a predisposition fortunately lt
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located permanent building and utilized rooms in a neighboring structure as a
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a voulu une consultation pour soi safemme soseuf ants il
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all use of the naked hand in operations as inconsist
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sened Friedreich found it at least as great as upon the healthy
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In experiments to determine the value of disinfecting methods it is
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impression we wish to convey to the mind of the reader is that
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The most dangerous cases for operation are those in which the foetus
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aged 63 in whom Dr. Routh had noticed an enlarged and
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Examination at that time was negative except for a slight
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ture or abrasion of the mucosa and they may be rejected b
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f he would not regard herself as infallible aud. recognizing
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these measures can be topically employed by insufflation
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facts. It is thought that tin introduction of a substance usually
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In the recently recovered Calvert papers there is a letter
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a short time method being essential as transfusion is often required in
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cian who is opposed to the administration of vaccine and
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uterine wall and could only be detached with tearing offers a
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organism had been in cultivation for a considerable
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should be fitted with heavy lids suitable draining arrangements from
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mained the same the former being one tenth the weight of the
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all they say without laboring under actually erroneous ideas of
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schools of the university one of which Queen Margaret
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cutis. As compared with that of the adjacent sound skin the epi
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agent the seat and nature of the trauma. The rounded bodies
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the first cancinoma medullare or soft cancer of the second and Scirrhus
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mirrors the middle lever is pulled clown until both images
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made from registered dentists as to whether they were
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doctor than the method embodied in the present Regulations.
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for every gram of acetylsalicylic acid 4 grams of potas

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