virtues of silver nitrate in the treatment of certain
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they are sufficiently extensive to interfere seriously with the heart s
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disaster. Absolute discipline on their part is quite as essential as
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which is confined largely to the nasal cavities and lymph
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from obstruction of thp Eustachian tube in 20 cases 1801 gaintd
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There was nothing noteworthy in the family history and the patient had
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the patient was not doing well a permanent catheter
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Many injuries to the brain from bullets of moderate
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the outset when the incoordination is slight that the patient uncon
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origin of the substances which endow the fluid 3ortion of the
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Hearing was tested and found to be perfect. The deafness
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dary alterations of the structure of the media most frequently
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Medical School 1900. It is based on the examination of 97
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guished and all reading without glasses becomes impossible. This de
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types. In connection with unusual effects should also be mentioned
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live stock sufficiently early each spring to permit of immunity
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For an understanding of this difference we turn again
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visions of this art. shall make an annual appropriation
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When she had established herself in practice in New York
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the bit and should if there is the slightest tendency to drop the
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A. It is imperative in choosing a place of residence
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spinal cord first affected corresponded to the extremity in which the in
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for this country. In chronic diarrhoea convulsions are usually of ill omen.
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the immense amphitheatre of the Jura with its snow capped
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deaths having occurred after intervals of from 10 to 15 days.
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could not constitute a pathological condition which
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years are almost the last ten years of this enlightened
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some cases were given together. The wounded were received
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was found in the sac. The omentum was gangrenous. Four chromicised
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tion was otherwise normal. The convulsions became worse and respiration
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are but the criterion of the energy which shall later lend shape and
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easy to suspect appendicitis and treat for that condition.
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twelve children six ot whom were alive and were appar
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sequence of conclusions reached after several months
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a soldier was seized with a chill and with headache.
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long before it is taught anything by the hand of man. In the
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received in all the States. It is however plain that
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pofisible to a very limited extent. Extreme venous stasis soon occurs
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ces the dreadful effects which are liable to result even
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Second. In conducting an expedition into the interior for the pur
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been diverted from the subject. The passage of the first
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were due to mitral stenosis primarily and only one to
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same length of time then by a second paroxysm which may be repeated
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common drink. In simple fever with constipation and great thirst.
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of the cases of hyperthyroidism and goitre polychromasia occurs and basophil
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a text of the first ode of Horace and a catalogue of

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