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of the remainder the number of white blood corpuscles per cubic

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Although it is a powder the moment it touches the skin it is

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probably is because tlie Americans were billeted in areas where

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Skullcap microbes this one is too much neglected by the

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ble being now overwhelmed and themselves destroyed. No

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turned so as to be about degrees from the horizontal after

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difficult since death occasionally follows on a single attack of

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morning and night with castile soap and cold water followed

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of eating are very irregular. Bowels never move without a cathartic.

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the influenza i neumonia and ordinary lobar neumonia have im

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Fk.. To show the development of the stomach o Stomach of the pickerel

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owes its presence to an accidental imperfection of liver function

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these i. A catarrhal inflammation locahzed in deeper parts of

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where there is a pain after urinating twenty drops three times a

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From this disease which in so far as the composition of the

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operat d on in haste they have no more complications after operation

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stance itself that these maladies are rather to be ascribed. Defects in

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economies and the food sacrifices and modifications of diet might

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without opening the blood and lymph essels and the pre ention

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fortunate enough to secure the services of u man who could regurgitate

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frequently exhausted by great mental effort or sexual excesses

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wounding. Hemorrhage into the pleural cavity apparently recurred on both

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a comparatively thin layer of paraplasm from the lymph or in

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tions of pus. But whether the quantity of pus is microscopic or amounts

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walls or anal orifice. As a rule patient does not experience

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dangers as accompany the passage of the catheter and at the same time

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internal secretion others like the pancreas and the liver have an

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The history of the case persistent localized nocturnal head

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each small square is j qW n Therefore the contents of any one

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was a plaque of several endothelial cells apparently recently des

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wall could be made out the bronchi being apparently represented

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Postmortem examination re ealed the following condition A

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brows contracted skin covering forehead corrugated eyes fixed

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vitalizer operates exceedingly well in all feeble or relaxed condi

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it by giving digitalis atropm and aconite to relieve one or other of

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cause of death. Of the total cases of influenza hospitalized about

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It is associated with certain conditions so frequently as to lead to

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In the treatment we must bear in mind that the bones

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Ewald bulb could be secured. At the present time no irrigation is

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static like growths were found in the unenlarged spleen in the tail

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inserting a capsule close by it filled with the same powder. This

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tered miliary tubercles these being visible after the capsule of the

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air. The rate of drying depends not only on the temperature

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Vulva Shrinking of atrophy of the muco cutaneous cover

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to determine the exact character of a normal menopause concerning

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