the left side after exercise a plain diastolic rumble was heard and

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prevails in the public consideration of the problem. In I

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were convalescing from neinnonia and had been in the hospital

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peristaltic wave excite the brain and spinal cord retard tissue

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the occurrence of a mere deposition distinct from actual degeneration.

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pus was found the aspirator was disconnected from the needle and

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less marked corneal opacity. In cases where the cornea remains

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nature of the external wounds and of the missile which caused them

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lime is pathogenic for the injection of the germ into animals

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and lasts long. Or let the patient inhale alcohol chloroform

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granules indicates that they are true endogenous formations. The

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the seat of myalgia which is often misnamed intercostal neuralgia.

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impoverished by preventible disease rendered poorer by the loss

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In considering the effects produced by the various toxic sub

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collaborators deserves special notice. To the same authorities

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and who are rather respectable members of the community. A good

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In short whenever a kidney shows extensive or old lesions the

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coccus both hemolytic and non hemolytic varieties were respon

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and about the pericardium and one showed blebs of air o er the

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of the typical fissures of the brain induced by monotony same

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of the clinical features of the disease under discussion an attempt

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The internal as well as the local exhibition of hamamelis is

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sodium sulphate are introduced into the colon water is absorbed until

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thrombosis of the cerebral vessels gives rise to special phrenic

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While pursuing this course the sphincter should be kept re

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that by perfusion one cannot prevent the formation of small plugs

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at least until signs of involvement of the meninges are present.

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or after constriction of the knee or thigh. The skin covering the

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chlorinated lime. But as it attacks many things being a power

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Treatment in general must necessarily be entirely sym tomatic.

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nation July I found the usual lesions of tuberculosis in

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Here the endothelial lining showed intense proliferation with frequent

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cases are very slow in their development if reckoning be made from

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aching pains particularly in the right shoulder. On November

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properties render it a tonic of great value in the convalescing

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one or other of three conditions either a weakness of some of

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a rule nothing very distinctive about them. That they are glandular

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large cavity communicates with a bronchus split open at the middle lobe.

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internally a judicious use of alkalies in alternation with belladonna

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is of course variable but it varies within comparatively narrow

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