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the food in the stomach caused no doubt by gastric catarrh a
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signs of effusion in the pleura or of a consolidation in the apex
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It is very irritating and if scratched can become secondarily
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sion of burned oyster shells is too well known to need recapitu
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The total mortality of the British due to influenza averaged nearly
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Reflex Irritation to receive irritation or stimulation from
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may produce negative Wassermann reactions with syphilitic serums
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form which when taken relieves this difficulty. This active
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are the cases which are most likely to be confounded with spleno
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Severe often acute and prolonged pain accompanies micturi
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torted or of the natural size there can be no doubt about the
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elbows may also be found distinctly swollen as the result of effusion
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The disease germ in the blood may multiply but the chances
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presence of bacteria or any increase in cells. Twenty four hours
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cases friction passive movements and massage should be tried
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access to those joints it is very likely that they will there develop
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the condition cannot be explained on the ground of o erweight or
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external and an internal secretion some physiologists think that even
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work as myocardial weakness often results. It was deemed wise
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in an ordinary careful history taking and physical examination as
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blance of structural differentiation. Habitual localization of
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elicited over the middle lobe. The left chest was emphysematous.
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convincingly illustrated by the experience of France and England.
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hands are also especially slow and awkward. Mentally the patients
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Kidney. The right kidney is large red and seems swollen and
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bent forward ositi ns are by far the most faAorable. The dorsal
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Among the ponogenic substances are lactic and uric acid and
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germs can be detected in the sweat saliva urine. The bowels
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The blood. An examination of the blood confirms the existence
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The part may be removed with but moderate haemorrhage and but
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three times after a negative Wassermann the Wassermanns being
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It is found in jaundice and all morbid states of the liver or
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in the greatest possible danger in all cases of dropping of the
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dermically in the morphia and other habits the injection should
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the author believes to be a transitional condition. These germs
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of blood serum sent to different laboratories for the Wassermann
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the skin such as scabies phthiriasis prurigo and eczema this
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the results by any other method. When patients have a ery un