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energy to overcome the neurasthenia which one might expect to
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the heart to the presence of ptomaines in tetanus cholera
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of lung disease its action upon the system doubtless depending
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Other arthritic diseases. Joints that have been the seat either
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during the epidemic cases of pleural effusion were seen of
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acid. With the subsidence of the acute attack the patient may
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During the passive movements the operator shovdd continually direct
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secondary deposits. This however can hardly be generalized and
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that I have been inclined sometimes to think that an atropine like
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were acid. The average fat loss in the stools of normal children varied
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condemns the child to almost certain loss and hence if the fetus be
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Menstruation at first may be regular but scanty or abundant.
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fingers were markedly clubbed. Pain in the left chest was also
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infection or twelve days prior has no influence upon the course of
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became very uncertain. For this reason patients with counts over
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failed to find a reason for assuming a relai ion between the two
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cases of syphilis of the central nervous system respond to intra
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ture is not raised. This symptom of lead intoxication occurs what
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ing the health of our troops against epidemics. Now that the
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on two subsequent occasions. The average amount of fluid with
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come infected with the poison of disease and until it can be
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Avditory Vertigo. A condition of giddiness dependent on dis
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cussion as to whether the process is by nature inflammatory or akin
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in bed. There are other not so ini ortant repetitions in the text
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sodium chloride in some conditions offers an easy analogy. It
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ence of a disease germ in that fluid. This germ may have lain
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The natives value the nuts very highly and often take a portion
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cells in these vessels to cartilage and bone. Then however they
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quent to withdrawal of clear normal fluid by lumbar puncture.
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sufficient to produce an actual auriculo entricular lilock.
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consists principally of corpuscles differing from the granular leucocytes
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physical elaborations whose potency may be determined and their
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examination will depend largely the fate of the individual.
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spirilla or spirochaetse twisted in spiral form e.g S. oberme

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