treatment of acute amebic dysentery has little influence in chronic

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crystals accordingly as it is obtained by evaporation from solu

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and that it is its action upon those poisons in neutralizing or

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accelerated action of the heart with spasmodic cough. If the

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he is inclined to attribute to the pressure of the occipito frontalis

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reported to the New York Academy of INIedicine a case of per

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He responded to questions intelligently but had definite rigidity of

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describing and seldom proves advantageous in the form which is

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stools. It increased as the soap fat diminished and in diarrheal condi

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application does the most good. The patient should allow the

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ness and diarrhea coryza and snuffling due to inflammation and

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be made and the presence or absence of definite paralyses or the

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conditions in which the blood and tissues are loaded with the

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Splenectomy was followed by a gradual and steady improvement

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are but two forms of malpresentation. When the toes are di

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tissue death the term coagulation necrosis has been applied one of

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the kidney being too minute to warrant the belief that tuberculuria

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lobular pneumonia was given. This nomenclature while describing

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of irregular gout the patient should be kept in the recumbent

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incidence of empyema to i neumonia are not sufficiently high.

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inflammation in the surrounding structures leading to matting

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Dietlen. Given then possibly the enlarged heart of soldiers the

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Description of Lungs. Many of our lobar pneumonias showed in

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seven early and eight late. Thirty seven specimens Mere found in the

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entity are due to previously established pulmonary tuberculosis such

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marked in the other the kidneys in the former case also presenting

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was failing but if one obser es his patients closely he will rarely

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tion of lymphocytes with occasionally some myelocytes.

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change and for acute diarrhea it was no better than opium and

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current can be employed and all the needles concentrated in the

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is primarily nutritive secondarily diluent antitoxic etc. and there is no

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stimulating the peptic glands acts as well with an acid as an

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days indicati e of organic changes in the heart. Although definite

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drank like lemonade this being the dose for twenty four hours

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distended skin. At the base of this tumor a fissure or large

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new chapters on tuberculosis of the pleura and pneumothorax.

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and which was regarded as a hematoma. It increased rapidly in size

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was relieved from active duty and placed on recruiting service

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exhibit all degrees of virulence within the blood stream without

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The most favorable period for conception to take place is either

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