palpation in the appendicular region or by Meltzer s method and

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the hips occurs mandarin or salaam spasm as this last is usually

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the thymic changes was observed in extra uterine life. The physio

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broncho right following appendectomy empyema operated right.

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condition is with reasonable certainty excluded the case may be

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micro. copic examination only inflammatory on the right side sev

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the bladder or backward on the rectum constituting anteflexion

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tract tubercular disease by contagion we certainly have at the

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of the fingers there is some mottling of the pigment. The skin over

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ceases to discharge this will be retained and the patient s health

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The internal administration of salol is certainly devoid of many

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which we shall come to further on is apparently without exist

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tumor character. This proof is furnished only then when it can

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the tissues to antagonise the primary and subordinate irritants. Hence

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This is regulated somewhat by the object sought to be attained.

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RuGGLES I.D. Roentgenologist to the University of Cali

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in laryngismus stridulus. The former can be given to a child

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marked above the clavicles and are similar to those seen in cretins.

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marked improvement this patient has shown for two and a half

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vascular degeneration is as much the cause of these minute hsemor

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stitch is better than strapping because it holds more surely and

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he presents several valuable suggestions on matters that are fre

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of bronchopneumonia. These results are in striking contrast to the

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weeks before term. An excellent result for motlier and child followed.

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albuminous is in reality derived from the blood plasma.

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sive doses of thyroid extract and it is said that the long continued

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the destruction of this we require oup most powerful antiseptics

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Hydronaphthol is a secondary compound of betanaphthol

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part of the abdominal walls save at the ordinary places usually

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the temperature has been normal and other symptoms have dis

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funnel being susjx nded in a bracket from the ceiling. Three such

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shell shape when these crusts are removed an ulcer is exposed

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upon a vaginal examination and pronounce these affections as

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of wakefulness and drowsiness are frequently met with and seem to be

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various clinicians during the long stay of the patient.

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showing that it undergoes in inflammation a molecular change which

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Arsenic is well known and widely used especially in chronic

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tion between the pneumonias and the not pneumonias. From

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acid equal parts. Apply dry to the parts. Boroglyceride and

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or regurgitation backward into the ureters therefore could be

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tionally longer even six weeks. Some of these prolonged cases may

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