currence demonstrates the superiority of the simple metallic

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required. That the nerve centres are altered is probable having

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Case IV. An unusual complication of bronchojMieumonia

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prognosis is fairly good and life may continue for many years.

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siderable number of the congenital cases have occurred in brothers

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sulphonephthalein and by a retention of blood area. All animals

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learned by experimental ork in vitro along these lines and also

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gland during lactation and in the muscle fibre cells of the uterus after

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thighs but later the limbs lie as if paralysed flaccid and everted.

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analogous to the entity neurocirculatory asthenia and their atho

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form the basis of this paper before discussing the general symptom

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then add the urine drop by drop. A yellow red precipitate denotes

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of the usual coats of the gut and not merely hypertrophied valvulte

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dition. Take for instance the two main varieties the ordinary poly

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efficiency as transforming agencies. White bread potatoes and

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and liability to haemorrhages especially gastric and a duration of

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Respiration emerges from the lungs and in doing so causes

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patient s physical condition was very much improved early in

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owing to the alteration in the tissues and organs the symptoms of illness

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own nutrition all the elements fit for their nourishment and

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increased. It being granted that in diabetes there is increased

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ing infection and to recognize it promptly if it appears. Nearly

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remain confined to one lobe the pneumonic process is progressive

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the pathological sequels of inflammation occur whenever an irritant

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new illustrations inserted. The chapters on tumors urinary

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characteristic and typical syndrome this organism plays the prin

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On the whole Holmes and Ruggles have given the profession a

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geal irritation. Of these developed meningitis subsequent to the

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early constitutional s inptoms all pointed toward bronchiectasis

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Cedron seeds have obtained quite a reputation in the treat

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muscarine etc. classed as animal alkaloids or ptomaines and also

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physeal ends of the bones along with undue softness and vascularity.

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and then rubbing the affected parts with boracic vaseHne salve

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of the cervical and submaxillary chains but also of the axillary and

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Surgical Treatment. By James Peter Warbasse Surgeon to

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The various classes of food such as animal x egetable fruits and

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The causes then of varico cele ma be inherent weakness of

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retraction of chest wall. Dulness persists as on April.

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ngt come essentially from cardiac failure. I sually the resj irations

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Menthol thymol of each one drachm oil of sweet almonds

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limbs steadily increase splints are advisable and in those in which

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