a malignant growth be set aside there still remains a certain propor
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present in the plasma. The glomerular epithelium is not permeable to
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retiute of the newborn during life. In examinations he noted
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ily produced by the soluble virus of influenza and only secondarily
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The investigations of Lieut. Seham camp epidemiologist seem
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results have been gratifying. The employment of the rectal route is
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of the destruction of the haemoglobin carriers may be wanting in
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three times a day the anus and rectum should be be thoroughly
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overgrown th yTnus just as only part of the enlarged thyroid is
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respect not only avoiding the dangers attending prolonged use
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brain or pneumonia. But excluding these asphyxia is the most usual
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cle may co exist with numerous other microbes as those of
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Benzoin plant growing in the Eastern Archipelago. Com
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examination shows the liver cells granular and with well staining
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poisons. Intermediate as it were between these two groups are the
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corpuscles a lowered vitality either hereditary or acquired
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The intensity of the breath sounds over a hemothorax is almost
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epidermis the connective tissue was of much more delicate structure.
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The anatomical changes consist in ossification of the inter
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comes the information that on July nhieteen Ilhidus from
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body weight. There is reason to think that this need not always
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Recently Herrick as a result of his observation of cases of
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one s attention to the central nervous system. These cases therefore
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gitis which followed bronchopneumonia as both these meningitides
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Roenigen ray Examination. Stomach High stomach rapid
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small groups of air containing alveoli. The upper left lobe is crepi
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care of the medical service. They have been operated by a surgeon
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the changes in the cartilage cells. These multiply distend their
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matism its use aids other remedies materially administered in
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after each addition. If sugar is present the following changes in
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other blood diseases the differentiation of Hodgkin s disease is fairly
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Similar conditions are found to pre ail in the manner and method
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The great prevalence of tubercular ulceration of the rectum
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asthenic. The asthenia increases until the end although the
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thrombus is formed. The process in such case starts by the
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been pointed out by some authorities that excessive bony changes in
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dered jequirity over it or by brushing a paste of the same or
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The nset of the pneumonia as determined by the secondary rise
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the result of the decomposition of the urine w hich increases
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the ordinary conditions of life are uniform and constant the
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were used in our experiments. Heated at C for one hour
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Assuming that this view is correct are there reasons why a
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termining cause of the attacks is in most cases exposure to cold or
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or diminished in anaemia cholera starvation yellow atrophy
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each small square is j qW n Therefore the contents of any one
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tissue waste might be expected to furnish evidence of the perverted

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