I nder the term gynoplastic technology the author describes
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ducts steatomatous contents composed of irregular granules
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It is a gentle and effective aperient for the mist debilitated as
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more or less well marked structural peculiarities of the integuments and
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ideal conditions for the production of crepitations and mucous rales
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negative. Tubercle bacilli were jjrescnt in the right kidney and
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of the streptococcus group grow as brilliant green colonies with
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other disease and may offer an insuperable obstacle to natural
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and the os uteri dilatable rupture the membranes and introduce
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real merit and their fine bitter orange flavor makes them as
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a large Gram negative bacillus but contains Gram positive diplo
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of cures of congenital hernia. It is extremely interesting to find
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be inhaled in the natural act of respiration. It will be necessary
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NEUROSES will be described with other diseases of the nervous system.
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veins and cannot be reached surgically without the removal of the
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terms must now be discarded for the discovery and elucidation
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exercise. In this manner we studied o er referred from the heart
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hydatid may take place causing either the death of the parasite and
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mary glands. It also cures house maid s pneumococcus an lodoi jacket
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thickening of the skin and subcutaneous tissue and partly on the
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In severe cases there may be swelling of the optic disc and this
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The real essence of rickets consists in a tubercular diathesis
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ment to menstruation or conception as uterus is generally re
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Sore throat was occasionally present but was not a common feature.
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observed in a great many cases of hemothorax examined at the
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day since that time finally on April he expectorated but c.c.
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when due to the latter disappear under the influence of ergot.
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form an opaque central rosette of a brown colour owing to pigmenta
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Type I pneumococcus. This patient had then both a pneimiococcus
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classify streptococci l y means of agglutination but the results have
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dilute sulphuric acid. There are a score of other remedies but
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His relative hemoglobin is SO per cent. His actual total hemoglobin
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were now suspended. The patient was next seen November
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with its naked legs on the counterpane. There is general
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urination dysuria with occasional attachs of pain in the left hypo
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as a most reliable diagnostic test for early clinical tuberculosis l ut it
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tically all cases requiring transfusion. Transfusion may put them
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tions therefrom is unknown though the observations of Mr. Laws
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being exercised to prevent the entrance of air. The cannula w as
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prevent and destroy microbes in wounds and disease germs in
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smelling salts. It is used as aromatic spirit of ammonia in doses
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bent a pillow between her knees and her head also supported
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Thus throughout the numlier is crowded with brief and interesting
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a uniform quantity of food and water. The Rosenthal modification
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cally to any given lesion of this system. They have in consequence

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