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powerful cerebral and spinal stimulant and vitaliser.

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the other the mother recovered and there was no obvious effect in the

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of an ideal treatment since the operation could be done without

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roentgen study is carefully described in a very comprehensive

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been impaired by insufficient or indigestible food or whose strength

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tlie Americans found the food dift erent from that to which they

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and is probably the conseqtience of functional weakening of all the

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which we have slow or retarded digestion the starcliy or saccha

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the kidneys interfering with the due elimination of uric acid. Sir

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neuralgic for neuralgia in other situations e.g. of the fifth nerve

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than the ordinary mortality returns would credit it. Apart from

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rats underfed from birth to three six or ten weeks of age showed

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instances of serious and sometimes fatal results from such trivial

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proof course in the brickwork above the level of the ground.

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sepsis with early arthritis without meningitis. More recently

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The heart s apex beat may be felt somewhat lower and more external

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For this pure air better food and swabbing or garghng

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short diastolic sound of the quality of the third heart sound or a

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The diagnosis of chlorosis has to be made from the numerous

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because of the long interval in some instances between operation and death.

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istics. The most important of them is the germicide preparation.

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of chronic gonorrhea or gleet in the female its use cures leu

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the mineral acids before meals and of their failure after is very

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hilation of the microbe to administer very small doses of the

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Under good management recovery is the rule but in some few

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bulging over the frontal region on the same side. The bones of the

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possess a normal condition of the brain liver and digestive

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the abdominal walls d prolapse of the mesentery. To effect a

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nervous system could be found. On going back over the history of

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relation to the state of the blood for they diminish in intensity and

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when the fluids resulting from such pimctiu cs were negative what

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organic and inorganic poisons and accompanying most inflammatory

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the Anchises from the same port of eml arkation and loaded

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but was so awfully weak that she could not spit it up. Ptosis

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The best and simplest rnode is to apply the powdered acid

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cultures taken synchronously with the pimcture or within a few

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opportunity to examine patients suffering from each of these diseases

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