der scalding in urinating a sense of weight fulness even dull

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take it between your finger and thumb it is soft to the feel.

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author s studies confirm the work of Dickson who demonstrated that

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the toxin itself is an unorganised inntant. But one has in addition to

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observing the rise in temperature following exercise and the develop

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hypochlorite or of gold chloride into and around the seat of the

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myxoedema. In some respects the symptoms of Addison s disease

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rather than in men and especially as a result of exhaustion worry

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stages of these cases was the bleeding from some portion of the body.

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eggs small quantities of efficient bread substitutes and vegetables

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to the severity of the cough. The temperature elevates quickly

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The rectum being supplied with the same nerves there is the

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tenderness in hips knees ankles elbows and wrists. This soon

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The leading physician in Wilmington Delaware speaking of

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years makes the operation a justifiable one in selected patients.

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a small group of tubercles in the cortical zone corresponding to the

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fluid at lumbar puncture and cite a case of a hemorrhage covering

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contact with the patients wore rotecting gowns and masks. In

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tomic pathology teaches that the adrenals can be the seat of hemor

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ing pregnant. The higher education or dram cramming of girls

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the intrasuprarenal part of the chromaffin system with indications

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while at the same time its local anesthetic action lessens pain.

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with their mouths open during the night in the dry parched

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and findings are almost invariably proportionate to the amount of

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require digestion but when they are submitted to that process

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cultures. The high mortality allowed confirmatory e idence as to

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Marital Ilisiory. Husband is living and well. Six children are

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the lymph can with some degree of success be effected such

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this question it is certainly common to see in a microscopical section

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even at the present day whether as much is done in the shape

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bright red blush but whatever be its form it is very evanescent

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Smith submits some very substantial e idence that vagotonia

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after meals and sometimes in certain diseases such as diabetes and

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physical rest. In order for them to secure mental rest however

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The constitutional symptoms are not so severe as those of the

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structure is that of ordinary bone but usually more dense and

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