coccus usually in large numbers while in a few cases the bacillus of
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fibrillation was seen personally this was in a patient with com
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supply for this purpose. That haemoglobin undergoes such destructive
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can place the back of the hand on it without inconvenience it
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increase in blood sugar which does not reach normal for three or four
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accidentally or causally is uncertain with carcinomatous
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tom of all inflammatory conditions of the eye and brain.
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Most of the cases of adiposis dolorosa have been very resistant
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ill. The atients in this series re resent therefore a selected grouj
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study and interpretation of nervous diseases in connection with
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commonly and extensively involved than the liver. The stomach is
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in males the disease which runs an extremely insidious course is
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milk from its lactose and then great advantage attends its use.
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During the week preceding the sudden appearance of the epi
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adjacent structures they exhibit less tendency on the whole to involve
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ary and breasts disappear. There is never pain nor lymphatic
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these tumours and even now the question is far from settled. Nor can
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with the drug plainly shows that it is the small doses and not
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conscious act and one brought al out by subconscious moti es and
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ally if the diagnosis is tumor the only procedure possible is oper
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Anatomical Diagnosis Pneumonia lobar right with abscess
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the percentage gradually fell as the symptoms abated.
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hilated in the blood and tissues it will excrete ptomaines a chemi
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ture will rise to or without any intercurrent inflammatory
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the anus is protruding in consequence of the strong effort five
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thought either gradually subsides or it passes by degrees into
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tending down to the knees unsteadiness of gait and reflexly the
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these have no granules in their cell bodies and are therefore sometimes
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can fully supply from inorganic sources its requirements of the
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and carries with it but shght predisposition to the more severe
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growth that the circulation through the gland is probably very
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P mbryonic cells and those undergoing active proliferation are the
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the discovery of satisfactory bread substitutes but it cannot be said
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above the pubes and a rounded swelling can be detected by palpa
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in order is cultivated ground and its products.. The earth case
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known why living blood does not normally coagulate it is hardly
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re current fibroid and myeloid tumors. Many growths which
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type of cases and the readiness with which the disease responds to
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very bad heredity an ordinary daily experience may precipitate the
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turition and defecation is only explained in the large hydrocephalic
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It converts five times as much albumen into peptone as the
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entrance into sewers that the germs in sewers are most conta
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their mental states so dominate the somatic functions that trivial

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