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the cavity was over two inches lone and about one third inch in
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globinometer which has the great advantage of possessing a constant standard viz.
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moment s consideration will reveal the enormous advantage that
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One of the aspects of research and teaching which is receiving
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epithelium lining the alveoli becomes proliferated and papillated so that
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to be a fundamental instabilit gt of the patient that cannot be
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rickets are exceedingly rare. They have been observed as early
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Lice were fed upon this man during the period of the disease
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nearly one half of the abdominal cavity its enlargement is nearly
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gray material frequently with points of black anthracotic i igment
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On section pus flows freely from every nodule. The lung is full of
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Besides the above there are often found i a subcutaneous
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between the amount of milk consumed and the tendency to scurvy
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inflammations and perhaps the seats in which they are commonly found
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Certainly one never sees specimens of liver kidney or spinal cord in
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elements of the tissue are thrown off in microscopic masses this form
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Difl erentiation between groups and was arbitrarily made
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and the so called death rattles of profound prostration whether
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a faint brownish discoloration to quite a dark hue it is fairly
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well known autliority who stated that the prognosis in these cases
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tion of the entire body and the administration of the glycerite
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to stimulate the action of a sluggish liver and to relieve portal
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back to its use is its liability to cause gastric irritation but with
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Seeing that so few cases are truly rheumatic in origin it is not
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which was generally ample. It is a mistake to use more than is
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increasing temperature and high leukocyte count and in whom
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functions and by the end of the fifth day the most important
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vacuole and digested with the aid of an acid secreted into the vacuole
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external glands it may equally fall and sometimes from the first
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organ which was mainly responsible for the leukaemic state of blood.
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determined it was hoped it would be possible to reduce the incidence
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remedy in all diseases it wipes out their micro lo se Ear.
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Morbid anatomy. In some few cases disease of the brain in
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after exercise and in the bent forward position. One of the cases of
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recognisable. At the first glance it might be imagined that the blood
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reference for the busy practitioner and student. Lee and Furness s
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in electrical conditions all these sources affect health. In some
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The ra idity with which the fluid accumulated in some cases was
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which run forwards to the prostate between them. With the
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alike that there is the widest range between the most benignant
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results from the elevation of rate due no doubt to excitement

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