homologous with other animal cells and the fluid medium impreg

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temperament in the treatment of disease and find that those who

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rapid cicatrization. An alcoholic extract solid inappropriately

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intervals of work and the patients should be taught that an unpro

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caused by the introduction of poisons or their generators from with

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attack. The excretion of phosphoric acid in the urine is stated to

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the meningococcus is present it is questionable whether lumbar

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cocci were present. Recovery complete. Serum intraspinally

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However disorders of sensation muscular weakness and an ataxic

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weak vulnerable point a locality a zone where germs can

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alimentary canal. Its very mildness and absence of all irritating

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sumption and has been even supposed by some to cure every

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present for one year aggravated by exertion and which disappeared

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under observation was secured by electrocardiographic records.

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Heart. The heart is small its musculature soft and flabby

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meningococcus it is not heheved that the experiments throw any new

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ation and if at operation instead of tumor the condition is found to

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bility in the gastric juice and its administration is free from all

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and shape well made out by bougie. If not cured starvation

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weakness or it may be underlying a case of phthisis or a woman

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Organic stricture is a condition in which lymph is effused in

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rickets almost necessarily imply a previous state of good nutrition on

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made is the determination of the presence or absence of activity. The

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there are numerous bacilli and cocci which are satellites of that

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by Dr. Hector Mackenzie there were only five males.

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weakest part and there either grows or if vital force is moder

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vitality of the cornea which debilitates it for the battle against

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not regnant at the time of treatment became so within a year.

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tration and both should give judgment of fundamentals which in

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cause to specific fevers especially influenza and malaria though

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centres are successively affected and unless the dose prove fatal

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examination the patient became quite ill with cough shortness of

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Ozonized Uric Acid the active principles of hydrangea

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