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preceding six months there are but three references to influenza.

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precision. In any case enlargement of the liver in rickets is of no

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typhoid fever and in other diseases of the alimentary canal also

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upon the extent and character of the previous inflammatory process.

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that the nerve centre which regulates the process of assimilation

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instances an arrhythmia developed which proved to be due to a

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water or some such vehicle. In diarrhea that quantity ought to

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bad even fatal but in the large proportion of cases ceases at four

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a mixed influenza vaccine and contrary to our original idea we soon

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lymphaticus there is a general hyperplasia of the lymphatic tissues

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toxins which may be absorbed into the circulation. In fact these

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Mucous Membranes. Condylomata and mucous tubercles about

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made by tickling the throat with a feather the gagging efforts

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rather than their hands. The incidence too is greater with those

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the average as usually stated being from one twelfth to one thirteenth

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is similar to that of diphtheritic croup and depends on the severity of

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purposes. The count of the number of bacterial cells per field from

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in bringing the infant into the world and as there is nothing in

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identification. Smears from these colonies showed large numbers

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all cases are curable before it has taken up a local habitation

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average time between aspirations was four days. In this group

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commenced by the institution of the most perfect cleanliness.

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an opposite conclusion. Marked emaciation deep sighing respira

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traced to puerperal septic infection. A thorough investigation of these

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anesthesia. Two radiographs of cervical spine at this time showed

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and experienced men while the Americans because of insufficient

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bacillus have been obtained in peptonised beef broth and on agar

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tration of salvarsan. We ordhiarily give saharsan so that the injec

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Portugal where Catholicism is pure the affection is rare. The

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much like the swish of a rocket heard very faintly but tending to

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alternation with either of the remedies selected militates disas

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crobe diseased action ceases in burns boils cuts wounds and

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epithelioma and its treatment. As a rule epithelioma in the early

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epiphyses and somewhat rapid bending of the limbs occurs in

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epithelial cells more particularly of the gastric mucosa and of the

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