have been observed. Parent filarial worms have been met with in

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In some cases ihe glycerite of ozone or the comp. saxifraga or

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colunm of it extended into the uiuiffected proximal oral loop of bowel

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surfaces or become mixed with food. In the faeces also of the

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was undertaken with the idea of throwing some light on this point

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Bloch in Michael Reese Hospital Chicago. The pneumococcus

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bath enemas of a strong infusion of lobelia should be given. The

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the formation of foul smelling gases and acrid fluids. It is also

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hands of the parents and should be regulated by the most

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mediate host and go through a development similar to that of Fasciola

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indicates the gastro intestinal tract as the origin of the infection.

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serum therapy though attempted occasionally subcutaneously

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account of the severity of the condition little could be expected of

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rapidly and completely wiped away with the finger and the rubber

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and scabies the results obtained with boracic acid have been

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Mention has already been made of the somewhat incongruous

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patient or by pyaemia starting in suppuration round the new

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spinal cord does not deviate from its course and only the pos

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typhoid fever would be almost certainly fatal it is not necessarily

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ration and blood streaked sputum are frequently considered to be

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the overexertion in running for the train pre iously mentioned he

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and giddiness and a wearying headache mark the progress of the

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the function of the gland is that it controls or regulates the deposit

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presence of micrococci in the blood. Dose fifteen to thirty

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Schultz describes the pathology as pseudolobar pneumonia. In

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there will be a variety of contrivances tried but none answer till

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the oesophagus enlargement of superficial veins from pressure on the

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with some thickening of the skin. The superficial layers peel off

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used in practice as liquor of acetate of ammonia commonly

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in which the chief symptoms are pains in the trunk and limbs

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restricted application in respect to some forms of new growth and since

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was afforded by the Surgeon General of the Army during the fall of

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currence demonstrates the superiority of the simple metallic

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