thenia or where it may follow the course of a special class of

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and consists in a deposit in jthe form of the minutest sepia colored

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influenza was the causative agent. Very soon however more and

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was seen whilst in the greater reduction of haemoglobin the blood

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starch and water and injected into the rectum with a syringe on

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The arteries are specially prone to undergo this degeneration either

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germ carrier by diligent health officers. The prognosis is also more

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It is also conceivable that under some circumstances in which the

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system. It is well known that the removal of certain glands as for

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moval of all obvious irritation attention to the bowels and lo

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renders it weak liable to prolapse or deposit of the cancer germ

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disastrous so extract of sumbul should be tried first in the

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but the accidental expulsion of the immature ova that sets up a

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recovery from the fever is certain provided no accidental or

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when she does so becomes greatly alarmed fearing cancer. If

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and will effect a cure without any other treatment in all stages of

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former methods used. In practically every instance in their series

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may be the main indication of the fact. Recovery from the state

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they run together and becoming confluent form ulcers of con

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the disease is not amenable to treatment. Owing to the simulation of

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and a left Bal inski were present. The left arm also was spastic.

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The oil of thuja occidentalis. This is decidedly our best

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glucose and that in diabetes this glycolytic power is diminished.

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Treatment. The treatment of hydatid disease is essentially

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Pericarditis sicca and with effusion occurred in several cases

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which are most vascular and where the agents for absorption are most

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so tinted there can be no difficulty in its recognition.

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from the various laboratories ha e been recorded separately in

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means tonics alteratives as comp. saxifraga and phytolacca

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process may be suspected from this fact a definite history of cough

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neighbourhood of the focus of irritation are dissolved so that in the

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the trouble mechanical diarrhea due to mechanical irritation

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vitality promotes absorption sterilizes germs. Ozone ointment

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flammation as such it soothes the pain of neuralgia as head

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and highly instructive cases of advanced disease have been de

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child weighed grams. The placenta remained in the vagina the

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derness smooth oval or lobulated of slow growth lasting an

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with in vigorous subjects who ejaculate a fluid which presents

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does not suit many cases are not benefited by it. In all

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the age of and uterine cancer previous to. While the forces of

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