be permanent had followed the original six exposures. The atient

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to minimal quantities sufficient only for diagnostic purposes. But

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dency there is to injury. This point is emphasized in the IS cases

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body weight. There is reason to think that this need not always

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per cent of the cases in which the sinuses were examined post

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obtained. In the mother the autopsy showed irritation of the meninges

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viodium jnalat ics another hsematozoon dependent on the same agency

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changes in the liver incidental to pregnancy all that can be done

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If the anaemia is extreme the spleen should be examined and will

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terating food destroying its phosphates which is aiding in the

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The number of patients w.ho were merely tired out or who had

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Hottinger cites the following case Extensive involvement of

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in the third decade and is far more common in women than in

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during diabetic coma alone has the blood been proved to be acid. The

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which is diffused through the tissue. The authors modified this

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circumstance is found in the literature hi different countries. It

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with ozone possesses most remarkable energetic germicidal pro

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of the stomach. The other unbroken line represents the pylorus.

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Again in pneumonia the pathogenitic micrococcus of that in

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Austria in Italy P rance and England and more recently in our

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the process spread over the entire trunk even involving the arms

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indicated in renal disease are the most suitable aperients and

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riatic acid and for an alterative compound saxifraga.

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filled with air. which occurs in the form of bubbles of varying size

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find the influenza bacillus and Kolle in Frankfort w as unable to

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penia. Practically all observers agreed that such was the condi

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Coumarin. tonka bean a germicide of great power capable

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antidote theory or the theory of antagonism which supposes

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If the affjcted individual be tubercular or acquire that condi

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their children practice prevention more than women in the ob

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due to poor technic in handling the cultures. The large number

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Health Stations. This work is carried on by the nurses of the health

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