valescence from infections in chronic heart disease and in Graves s
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of the hopelessness of the condition of the patient on admission.
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lowered vitality of the tissues whether local or general places
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value from the normal erect position. In the great nuijority of
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Shaw. All were male subjects ages ranging from seven to fifty eight
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much more distended and difficult to control. Enemata will clear the
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ordinary steam atomizer is the most available mode of using any
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and perhaps altogether under saprophytic conditions.
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ushers in the first attack of gout. Subsequent attacks may be
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composition of the blood is to be considered as pathological the
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after operation they aspirated repeatedly instead of resorting to
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such gt atients the area of heart dulness was not increased either
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it is also supported by the successful results from other methods of
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with many important improvements added. The section on appa
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ments are especially visible during the paroxysms of paroxysmal
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Digestion assimilation and secretion merit our first attention.
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rhagic effusions in the pericardial and left pleural cavities c.c.
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ises sclerosis. That is to say the increased formation of fibrous tissue
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all added to make the diagnosis of appendicitis and pericholecystic
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was about e iually divided between a general hospital near Boulogne
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or to the general character of the symptoms to which they give
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ed success has attended its exhibition. It has been thoroughly
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A negative featm e of the epidemic which is rather striking is
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to is occasioned by the series of vibrations imparted by the
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rejections at the draft and discharge from service for unfitness.
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Cerebrin. powder isolated from the white substance of
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The registrar s figures show that from September gt to December
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sations occur but here the intermuscular planes especially of the
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ulcerations at the tips of the papillae but one suspicious minute
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are well marked the costal cartilages form an obtuse angle with the
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to bed to rest and he gave them drugs digitalis aconite atropin
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rise by internal gemmation to a brood of cercarics which leave the body
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The treatment of the condition is comprised in removal of the

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