withdrawing oxygen power applied in eczema coagulates the

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held by many authorities that the fever which often accompanies inflam

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must procure it from some one who will dig the root slice off

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ment of the Pennsylvania Hospital that the cases of syphilis are now

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caused by cerebral haemorrhage or by narcotic poisoning although

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possil ly reduces the soreness from manipulation. The patient if not

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draft army than in any other group of cases. Both the studies of

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The sulphate of sparteine is most effective administered hypo

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attendance of patients a week is ap roximately S a year.

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colour of true icterus that stamps the case as exceptional. If such a

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The nset of the pneumonia as determined by the secondary rise

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hours and will be found to have a powerful influence in check

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gravely aggravate the condition and even imperil life. If has

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lobular form. To this unusual condition the term mixed or broncho

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suffering from chronic plumbism to be attacked by gout is prob

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large mass of new tissue in the anterior part of the chest.

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orrhea leucorrhea prostatorrhea infantile and biliary colic.

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half of tlie right middle lobe is solid. Although the lower lobes are

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attempts only a few drops of fluid contaminated with l lood were

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estimate the legitimate needs of all professional people and to supply

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the trouble mechanical diarrhea due to mechanical irritation

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Corallorhiza Odontorhiza. from a coral like rhizome a

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nostic value when because of the contracted condition of the bladder

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uric acid salts are not conveyed in the blood to the kidneys they

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distribution and that any community may at any time have such a

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crystals they are in reality crystals of bilirubin.

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