who was one of the British Medical consultants in France that I

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breath and voice sounds increased by consolidation will be heard

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unless it be a little undue frequency of micturition which is

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lower outlet is diminished to three inches. No approximation

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There were cases in which the murmur was heard in the erect

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During this stage of microbial existence of chemical change

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invasion of the blood stream is shown by the following facts One

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results may be expected. The decoction is prepared as follows

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of blood to the brain. Thus in giddiness after a severe illness

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remedies to the genital system to the ganglia and plexus of both

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young man. Limgs heart and abdomen show no abnormalities.

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other methods the disposition to recur after removal originates

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ties make their appearance. In most cases. spina bifida termi

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suggested that normally the suprarenal elaborates this material and

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tidal air thus at the end of an ordinary inspiration about

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was performed every day or alternate day until such time as it was

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nervous system was subjected to showers of adrenin and at the same

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made represent late stages of an inflammation affecting the interstitial

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military service is outlined and a lengthy description is gi en of the

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was the originator of the outbreak any more than in the past was

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covered by a number of droplets of fluid. This fluid which is highly

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tissue. This ulcer can be stimulated by blowing ozonized pow

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come away. As soon as it approaches the vulva it should be

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hemorrhages but one finds in the IS cases analyzed above that for

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and protrude into the cavity of the perinaeum or uterus.

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Under a magnifying power of from five hundred to two thousand

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the liver and kidneys and cardiac and voluntary muscle fibres. Similar

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weak nervous debilitated men who have suffered from those dis

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Placenta prcevia a condition in which instead of the after

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some districts than in others it may affect more than one member

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We have merely indicated the chief directions in which these ante

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cytes per cent. large lymphocytes per cent. transitional

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can be prevented to a large extent bv increasing the concentration of

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at once when other means fail. Inhalation by the atomizer of a

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control must give way to a sincere interest in community welfare.

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between the two conditions. In both the rate is rapid the size of

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and is followe lt l by thrombosis. The thrombosis may occiu without

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From the earliest period of existence every organism has been

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affected as well as the extensors of the wrist and fingers and rarely

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this country to become independent along these lines. In the

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