thetic. The pigmentation may be almost as marked as in Addison s

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should be warmly clad preferably in flannel and a woollen cholera

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every case a careful history and physical examination was made

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the effect is negligible. The change in the contractions of the uterus

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I. Reducible Hernia. One that can by well adapted pressure

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beyond the limbs so as to prevent locomotion on the part of the

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hydatid may die and undergo various forms of degeneration the

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and were fixed and stained with a. per cent solution of Eosin

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severe chill. It is probable that most of the instances recorded

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when examined showed abundant presence of micrococci.

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but it is different when the other varieties are considered.

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entrance and exit of air and if judiciously employed they are as

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course of the malady is not uniformly downwards occasionally re

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and giddiness and a wearying headache mark the progress of the

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suspensory apparatuses and peritonaeum which permits these

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Lmuj Abscess. Abscess of the lung was foimd in or. per

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that of a fully distended uterus near the full term of pregnancy.

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thyroids alone is followed by hypertrophic changes of a similar kind in

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newly formed fibrous tissue derived from the neuroglia which character

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first described by Virchow. It is characterised by the formation of

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of the female caused by the gonococcus or immature germ. It

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