do not accept the stain and thus the field is left clear
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or pneumonia. Hoffmuer at Neu.sser s clinic in Vienna found that iodo
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bearer company of the Volunteer Ambulance Department is being
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vessel. Their rough surfaces project through the innermost lamella
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ing character. I take him to be a strictly methodical man very
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Cocaine in equal parts of almond and petroleum oil while it is
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treatment of puerperal fever. Beck C. 189 the role of the
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actual the detailed structure of the human cortex. The
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in a patient of advanced years would point strongly to malignant
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await the capture of males or of more perfect specimens before they
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Stegomyia. fasciata which pervades every dwelling but disappears at
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as such knowledge would enable them to more fully appreciate the
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family Oreodontidae within his Suborder Ruminantia. A con
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bemg 250 cubic centimetres of a one per cent. solu
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profusely. I bound up his arms pretty quickly reaction
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the spermatozoa depends primarily upon the normal alka
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toeigbttben all tbat 10 fdEOe tobicbie4o ttnotoc t e tjertuee
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treatment her weight reached 130 pounds and she at
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has made many of the rarer medical texts accessible to German
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Wnnden gebandelt bat. In die mittelaltcrlid e Medizin ift die Flnfaffnng
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Although there arc sources of error this test is fairly reliable. 7Vsf Take
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which is at once absolutely non irritant and equally
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cholera remedy are misusing Government figures of the results
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An.. Except as regards the treatment to be i ovided for
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The illustrations with the exception of the reproduced photo
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years aud thougli he had tried many forms of treatment in
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sexes are affected in death by hanging. In the female redness of
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secret which was kept with great care. Only a few select
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duties not in travelling to the placewhcre they arc employed.
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the outer part of the tumor contained moveable yielding bony laminae a
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time usefully. We believe this is a matter worthy of the atten
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doses retains its place as an alterative. Catarrhal
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Carter in reference to this says Media gt Chirvrg. Trans.
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however could I priori be accepted with difficulty. Nerves when
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The following candidates passed primary with honors J. I. Arm
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are indispensable as an aid in diagnosing some of the cases of sexual
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later all the stitches should be removed the wound secured by narniH
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and electrolysis tried through them. It is a decided gain to avoid the
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by Dr. Charles Lester Leonard of Philadelphia and were in
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the sage in.i iaking the tea. Children however cannot tolerate the pepper
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treatment will be discussed under that head. In a few
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trade union would have which the British Medical Associa
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received for general purjjoses to December 3rd 1921 was
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Stegomyia. fasciata which pervades every dwelling but disappears at
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pains over wide areas but that on applying pressure to the
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rare. At the Day of Judgment when gynaecologists have to
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When pathological albuminuria is present rational therapy will he
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introduced into Parliament those principles would be
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ice water to allay thirst. Mustard to the pit of the stom
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requests for antibiotic levels increased markedly this year.
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for eight hours. The tendency is to lessen this time requirement some
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one heart the suture material in all three cases having been cat
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alterative. In powder or decoction the root is beneficial in amenorrhea
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asylums. Indeed the strong objection urged against the creation of a
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the left side where the watch could not be heard through
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a syllogism that its premisses should be utterly false. At any
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which act on the living that possession of the name gives
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improve his condition at the same time several abscessed teeth were
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sidering this conclusion a careful distinction must
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Many injuries to the brain from bullets of moderate
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ensure that the acts of combining the necessary elements
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when it assumes an ash grey colour the part should then be washed

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