lowing this spinal fluid was withdrawn during the height of the

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improvement is not so likely to ensue if there be evidence that the

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the dilated vessels in this case one can hardly speak of inflammation

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of early operation. The following tables bring out the important

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mentioned. Gruber in Munich and Friedman in Berlin failed to

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the fibrinous exudation which has passed through the degene

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colonies. In the second ward there were found five hemolytic

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pears to be correct in principle but most pernicious nay toxical

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Cinnamon oil and resin. The oil is prepared chiefly in

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and perhaps by the administration of alcohol. When the local inflam

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fatal cases twelve days. These figm es are only approxunately

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from the blood can only be determined when the actual occurrence of

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chronic gout from a gonorrhoeal synovitis in which the joint is

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animals are also tubercular man imparts his germs to them and

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the dose is run up rapidly to twenty twenty five or even thirty

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basin of boiling water and pouring upon it about fifty drops of

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appears varies within wide limits being influenced by many factors

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Lactic acid is found in the urine in diabetes yellow atrophy o

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painful the temperature falls appetite returns and the patient

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iliac region. In tubercular peritonitis the temperature rises at

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The whole lung appeared to be studded with cavities the walls of

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formation. Now since it is a fact that chronic inflammatory conditions

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lung appears normal. Heart normal in size slightly displaced to

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It is the only wine which possesses in an eminent degree the

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the change being accentuated by the lapse of years and by indulgence in

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Bay rum one pint tincture of lobelia tincture of cantharides

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lose weight. Four years ago he became acutely ill with pneu

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experimentation and investigation are necessary to clear up this

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The bicarb.onate was not as eft ective as boiling in producing small

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after the signing of the Armistice and from my observations I

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connected by thin strands with one another. The body of the cell

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The diagnosis of chlorosis has to be made from the numerous

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hones and joints been examined after death. In a case carefully

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In course of time in consequence of the oozing of lymph from

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comes the information that on July nhieteen Ilhidus from

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capable of exciting violent inflammation in the urethra or vagina

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the disintegration of the blood corpuscles took place in the urine

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occur especially so in lymphatic leukaemia in these nucleoli can

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The formula for this developing powder is Take the oil of

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cases which occur in later periods of life and to which the term

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menopause catamenial disturbances and the exhaustion of pro

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