been constricted by dress tight lacing and abnormal mental cul

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which looked like flea bites but there were no petechite. The follow

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minates morbid or waste material from the system. In alterna

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Bureau of Animal Industry in Washington I was referred to the

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Self abuse is an etiological factor in a large number of cases of

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which occurred in a woman between forty and fifty years of age who

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possibly some clinical evidence of infection. Gillett in discussing

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abscess and others are due to the same fatal and protean source.

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In seminal incontinence there are three conditions which may

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in gradually increasing doses two or three times a week. When the

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the joint is accessible to examination the characteristic lipping and

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it is a gentle excitant to the motor cells giving the consumer

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structure of the apex of the upper lobe of the left lung spreading

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No difference what method is employed a preliminary application

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are able to walk without any considerable fatigue shut up in close

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ever especially in this region is attended with intolerable itching

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nection can be traced. Yet so far as one can gather from published

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nose or mouth causing a vibration of the soft palate.

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see if the organisms would grow in it. After forty eight hours

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from influenza or pneumonia the cases having been taken at random

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when dried and reduced to powder by attrition that it is most

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doses have been given the germ disappears from the breathy

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The mode of management here is to deliver quickly and pur

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form of degeneration although it is more obvious with chronic forms

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be tried if their effects are not speedily visible try the following

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boroglyceride it gives great satisfaction being more energetic

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stage times and of these patients or per cent. developed post

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have occurred cases of larjngitis of which developed only hoarseness and cough

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culous. Primary tulierculosis of the cervix is an extremely rare disease

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Gaskell and Elliott after destruction and degeneration of the nerves

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Menstruation at first may be regular but scanty or abundant.

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with syrup. I generally give it with whiskey or brandy in the

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a small area in the lower aspect of the canal an ulcer or

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degree of severity they may be found outside the vessel walls but they

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morning and while still fasting take one half the medicine and

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relation and the adjoining parts as they are learned in an anatomical

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interrupted the mother becomes exhausted inflammation or

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smitten lung by inhalation bv the stomach and rectum.

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aqueous solution slowly alters its color on exposure.

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Inspection. On careful inspection a diminution of motion will

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