Sea Sickness for it occurs on lakes rivers or other turbu

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more or less serious character have been reported from time to

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the epidemic it must be assumed that these figures representing the

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some likeness to it as it dilates when the patient coughs dimin

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uterine tonic and restorative composed of aleteris farinosa black

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The Venereal Bacillus. naturally weak being exposed to

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Iodized oil for external application has numerous advantages

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has mastered the rest exercises well enough to allow the limbs to be

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Changes in the heart and circulation consequent on gouty

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to the liuig by means of negative pressure employed to withdraw

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a rusty nail with the microbe from the earth or from something

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tated sulphur is pale yellow and its powder is much finer. The

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it to concussion as in a railway accident and to inflammation

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This manual is based upon the English edition of Lenzmann s

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While at the hospital her cough increased in se erity expectora

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in skin affections it is equal to resorcin ichthyol creolin

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insusceptibility to some diseases is the in a measure protective

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long suckled or where the mother s milk has been replaced after

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female organs consist of a pair of ovaries situated at

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eight or nine cases of early infected hemothorax by daily aspiration

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once by mouth subcutaneously or intravenously. Compound chalk

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Factors Affecting the Antiscorbutic Value of Foods. Hess and

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fat children were normal at birth though a case is recorded of a

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there were cases of the retention of the placenta with hemorrhage.

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symjitom preceded the development of frank pneumonia. Another

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quantity it may be taken during an extended period without

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ulceration which destroys the tissues more rapidly and to a

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ble of withstanding fresh inroads of disease. So evident was the

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condi ion are much relieved by iodol. In some patients in whom

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after date of admittance died with a serofibrinous pericarditis locu

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ulceration which destroys the tissues more rapidly and to a

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indication was for both the restoration of blood olume and of the

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determination of how much Latin or Greek algebra or history

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is especially the case in children who are more liable than

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of heart and stomach are very different. In one the impulse

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Disease Obesity Phosphaiuria and OxaJuria Chronic Rheumatism.

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pleural eft usion it occurs with other complications or without them.

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