cells poured out by the blood vessels in the inflammation which it
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presence of the influenza bacillus in and in. of the cases it was
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instances of chronic cardio ascular disease with auricular fibrilla
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losis in the guinea pig infected with human tubercle bacilli. Since
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elusion that although dilatation appeared eomplete it was not suffi
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do go on to ad anced pulmonary disease receive better care in the
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case the amount of sugar in the blood would be diminished not
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beats are fast weak and the rhythm irregular. Its value in
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the patient leaving the hospital four weeks later Lancet Aug.
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slightly increased pressure contained a moderate increase of lympho
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are numerous and varied. Among the more important are imperfections
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frequently occurs and in such cardiac tonics may be called for.
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shaped superficial ulcer together with the patchy cystitis.
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to the knees transmission of the body weight to the acetabvda through
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tion. The diet should be of the best and blood manufacturing
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clinical staff as requiring salvarsan shouhl be referred to the director
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in spite of proper treatment by other means advances and especially
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grains of euonymin or a quarter of a grain of podophyllin combined
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ment on the general features as shown by reports from the various
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them although they have recognized the fact that they cannot
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The inoculation by filtrates of sputum and bronchial secretions
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required as to the selling of milk for food and even though the
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with certainty. The shortness of breath cough scanty and
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Although a great vitalizer and a potent remedy to increase
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capacity of the kidney improves. Repair in these animals leads to
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has injected fluid into the placenta through the umbilical vein to make
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face of the brain may become extremely engorged and often rupture.
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side. Grating on movement can usually be detected and where
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had entirely disappeared. He resumed his previous habits as to
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earliest stage in which the organism gains by rapid unchecked multi
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One of the most striking points of this comparison was the rev
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after each act of micturition. As a local application unguent
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germ which induces the greatest mortality among the human
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ankle and right knee appeared w th much effusion in the knee
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irophinL July AugUist p.. studies following wounds of the
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or lymphatic enlargement General health good. In some cases
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to be found. It has a single large round pale staining nucleus which
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reditary qualities of a race while the sperm cell or male intro
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the contrast presented between the broad prominent forehead and

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