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ship of intestinal stasis to their special fields of investigation. In

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drainage. Among the early cases of the epidemic there were many

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blood its irritating action in the crypts of the lung tissue the

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A reviving effect was perceptible but very slight and transitory

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joint to joint with at best incomplete recovery the absence of

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Our best remedies to wipe out irritation of the medulla and

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to the throat in diphtheria and scarlatina. Successfully used in

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Bears culture well in any warm nutrient liquid is patho

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induced by the use of acro narcotic drugs especially belladonna.

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Twenty nine have been reported so far cases showed hemolytic

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So it is well in all cases especially those with a cough and

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Peroxide of hydrogen is of especial value in all cases of rheu

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is also an infallible remedy in nursing sore mouth and ulceration

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of the profession and the laity conscious of hygienic and social

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published another case. O portunities for the further observation

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for the circulatory tlisturbance which lead to the death of the fetus.

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short of the slightest fatigue is often beneficial when the malady is

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from thymic pressure is strenuously denied by some one observer

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Among the group of cases in which pulmonary etlema appeared

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dies. It does not cause gastro intestinal irritation neither does

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used as a convenient description of the chief changes subjective

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endocrin disfunction A common but not invariable feature of certain

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into the general circulation. The patient suffering from saturnine

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mentalh induced jirotein fever of Vanghan. The chronicity of the

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been studied to determine the effect of an increase or diminution in

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will contain the most deadly alkaloid poisons which are formed

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say to get at the complexes and to try to make an adjustment.

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complete and to rescue her from becoming an invalid. When however

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the movements are usually quieted. He has developed the following

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taken for chloasma or freckles. The pigmentary syphilide which

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what feeble the germs from another infected body find ingress

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considered as good. The remaining eleven might be considered

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