with severe type of infection a j etechial rash and panoplithalmitis.

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affected limbs. Anemia emaciation with oedema of the feet and

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retaining their general size and form become much thinner lighter and

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The inhalation of bactericides certainly has a tendency to steri

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cases of Irritable Heart of Soldiers were received for study and

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ture. In the pelvis the infection starts as a wound infection of some

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suddenly their whole character changes. The indention becomes

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additions to the book as it is very interesting most entertaining

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lung. The roentgenogram was of little help in the diagnosis of sub

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forceps laceration hemorrhage and liability to infection. If the patient

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Chart l was prepared in order to determine how many cases

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In most of the cases during the pneinnonic stao e the sputum was

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no amount of care will cause more than a certain amount of the

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is efficacious best given thus creosote one drachm tinctures of

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and were negative. The total number of hemolytic streptococcus

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of cases above and the absolute formula abo e. In these

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tration and generalize lt l aching pains characteristic of influenza.

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tion on living carcinoma and sarcoma cells in tissue cultures in vitro.

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the view that the Irritable Heart of Soldiers was the expression

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and the cause of this phenomena is the diminution in the contraction

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excited. These attacks continued and the patient was transferred

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at any time reseat the constant presence of the urine or the periodical

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of spinal fluid was culturally positive for meningococcus. Neither

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and give a fine scale. Sometimes the lesion is less sharply defined

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patient with a history of cough and profuse expectoration of many

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preparation is identical with the dSk. o di pelleturin put in

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the autonomic ner ous system in those cases designated as dis

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to development a flora which was entirely different from that appear

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thus be diminished to the extent of many inches although the length

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from the most malignant cancerous phagedenic or syphiHs ulcer

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from above downwards. There is first effusion of tubercle in

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acteristic for different regions of the stomach. The muscle from

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A pathological condition that is intimately linked with the

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ities visible externally its various portions were unopened.

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an active course of alteratives as compound phytolacca ozonized

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far advanced cases. The occurrence of pneumococci and streptococci

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We should be active here whenever we are aware of the im

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they live at the expense of the blood itself. Indeed it rather

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