the femoral vein is clotted it gives rise to phlegmasia dolens

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Under good management recovery is the rule but in some few

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hours. Subjective sensations of itching are always present. It

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one eighth grain of morphin and one two hundredth grain of hyoscin

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aspirating needle should be used early the points selected being

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ble to treatment and as curable as any other form of disease. It

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formed around it from the connective tissues of the host. The cysti

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connection v ith it. It is always confined in my experience to

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and expectoration diminished so that narcotics could be dis

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Autopsy. Extensive bronchopneumonia in hing all lobes of

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particularly to em hasize in this paper and consider the other points

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very large. A small amount of abdominal fluid was j resent. The

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maladies gout obesity diabetes serve to illustrate this statement. It

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Very rarely do we find the embryonic form of parasites which

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was involved. At present the opposite is true and even in the large

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the patient must exercise great fortitude patience and forT

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hands and feet affects chiefly the terminal phalanges.

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prominent factors with a deficiency of the alkaline

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Accurate determination of this last point will only be possible

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The diagnosis of pernicious anaemia from the other primary

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This variety of filaria is of wide occurrence geographically being

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infections encountered among troops in France diu ing the fall and

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to have acquired a heart affection is not properly speaking cardiac

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sideration is dependent upon their association with intrathoracic

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vent action flushes the tubules and obviates the state of intersti

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The Bible should be regarded as the history of a particular

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abortion and uraemic eclampsia. It being a powerful uterine

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lies in dentition dentition is delayed the teeth erupt irregularly

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charge not a vestige of the streptococcus pyogenes could be

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sarcomata metastasize with preference in lymphadenoid or meso

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and similar remedies have been employed for the same purpose

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The Relation of the Bacilhis Influenza to the Recent Epidemic. By

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for life assurance. Apart from the diseases with which it may coexist

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Hodgkin of Guy s Hospital who first described it in the char

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less for good in pernicious anaemia. It is quite true that there are

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characters. Thus extremely severe and rapidly fatal cases of small

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medical schools. The section on hysics was prepared by a well

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opium bismuth in a solid form or rectal astringent injections and

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