formation of the new formation into fibroid tissue it is improbable
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The blood thick clotty is prone to attach itself to some neo
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The tuberculous process is manifested in the larynx as in the
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further pursuit of these studies in the United States. The Surgeon
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laryngitis in variable strengths it is very efficacious in nasal
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stuffs singly and in combination in order to find out those sub
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above. In this series hemorrhage over the cerebrum and limited to
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rising to or but the pyrexia runs an irregular course and
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PxEr viococci. The majority of the pneumococci isolated were
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the normal in the development of the bones and has been summed
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diabetes. The bronzing of the skin is often the earliest manifesta
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spoonful to two teaspoonfuls of water injected before retiring at
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pathogenic germs as the acid surface of a potato affords a favor
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the stage of meningococcal sepsis as in other acute febrile diseases
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it may disappear. When it contains only intestine it is termed
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gradually became helpless. There was nothing abnormal found in
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articular cartilages with occasional evidences of synovitis.
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our own observation the unfortunate wife had been sent from
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applied. The first drop is rejected and from the second exactly mm.
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there might he some disturbance of the function of the pylorus due
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A ein very occasionally it is necessary to ask the patient to return
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Treatment. The general health should be attended to and
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the pupils in there was some disturl ance in the knee jerks and
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portion inducing a slight pressure on the cerebrum at a point or points
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sarcoma. Reports of instances in which the eosinophils have even
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operate in harmony the woman must produce healthy ovules
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In the early cases fulminating which occurred in the first month
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To most physicians the opportunity of observing thousands of the
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isolated cases which do not seem striking assume added importance
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compresses are excellent local bactericides and can be used with
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The symptoms are those of tuberculosis pulmonary or intesti
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their differences being anatomical and haematological.
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pleural pus pockets. Encapsulated pus was found in various locations
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mentions the case of a woman aged forty five years who consulted
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For the rest no gross changes are found after death unless they be
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and prominent sometimes suffused with tears nostrils dilated
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hemorrhage was frequent. Bacteriological study showed that infection
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spirit of ammonia and an ordinary alcoholic tincture. Either
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tions of the skin. It is nearly as powerful a remedy as comp.
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value as a general antiseptic disinfectant germicide and pre
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the presence of tubercle bacilli without having to await the results
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hyperaesthesia of the urethra. No doubt that strictures are often
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Vo niting is occasionally present and is on the whole a severe
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of clear cerebrospinal fluid under high pressure was obtained on
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disrupts family life. The long period of physical disability which
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the mucous membrane of the mouth and alimentary canal diar
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Eoentgen ray plate showed a homogeneous shadow occupying
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cases of pronounced Hp emia in this disease have been those which

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