The surgery of the epidemic was preeminently that of empyema

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rapidly. There are fever increased pulse rate sometimes enlarge

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irritation and unravelling of the serous fibres causing exudation.

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composition and the ill results which follow their circulation in the

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possessing this diathesis are incapable of long persevering

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laid great stress on the value of purgation as an accompaniment of

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system. This patient s physical examination and history had not

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poisons and irritating substances. To disease germs in blood as

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The Relation of the Streptococcus Hemolyticus to Influenza and

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the latter stages there is often hemorrhage from the mucous

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Morbid anatomy. The organs most frequently affected are the

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aifected viscus and that this crystalline biurate acts as a mechanical

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bleb makes its appearance on a stump or near the margins of a

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betterment even after days of the slightest e xercise. Any attempt to

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carefully seven or eight times when finished turn speculum half

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marked in the other the kidneys in the former case also presenting

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sleeved duty uniform on entering the hospital and make a reverse on

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thymus and the l inphatic system. These properly carried out

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the ego to predominate over the ethics of the species that the

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mother interstieed of nephritis and acutely infected spleen beginning

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may indeed all be regarded as being vulnerable in this regard.

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discriminate those which are characteristic but in the majority of

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As a general rule the myoma are elastic pear shaped and

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obtained by lumbar uncture antemortem. Dalmenesche in

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We respectfully direct attention to the fact that the tissues

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induced and the secretion of the sebaceous glands is abundant and

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on April greatly improved in health and has remained well

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white raised non liquid and circular after five days cultivation

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in its clinical features a pernicious type though differing from true

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Anoxemia follows on this disturbed mechanism and is accompanied

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I. The use of cold water should be particularly avoided by

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also in some seriously diseased conditions an enlarged persistent

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Other antiseptic precautions are bathing the feet twice daily

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time she had an essentially normal temperature and respiration rate.

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Craniotabes of the same character and in the same situations

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such gt atients the area of heart dulness was not increased either

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a small area in the lower aspect of the canal an ulcer or

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disorders of all kinds the brain and rectum suffer most in all

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to show that antiseptic inhalations diminish the irritating qualities

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take. A certain number are taken by their parents to a doctor who

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copper colored spots completely isolated and even with the sur

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due not so much to accidental contamination of the ingesta but to

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