western front. The scurvy was mainly of the latent or subacute type
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den lesions without apparent suffering to the individual.
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Mortality is greatest among the young. Acute rheumatism most
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or the child is delivered by breech extraction the main portion of the
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the salicylate of lithium is quite as effective as the salicylate of
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consolidations a fact usually disassociated in the a erage physi
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covered with brown scales overlapping like those of the lily.
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at the base where tactile fremitus was absent. There was ver gt
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treated by this formula twenty seven per cent recovered. Others
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posture and in equilibrium. This special sence is highly devel
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lasted approximately three weeks the apex of the epidemic behig
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Turk however belie Ts that the added blood combined with
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child any causes that tend to increase tubercular disease among
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on this one subject his olume is remarkably complete. He has
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creatic disease. In the case of the suprarenal it is impossible at present
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administered freely early on the expulsion of the child causing
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The very same degenerative changes are liable to occur in the
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diagnosis between tuberculosis and such diseases as cardiac disease
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for oxidation to be initiated and to a slight extent to continue. The
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morning and while still fasting take one half the medicine and
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sequent rupture just as in later life undue dilatation of a cerebral
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is applied in the morning limb to be bathed first with soap and
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lesions and speaking generally constitutional symptoms are slight
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The acquisition of strong nervous temperament with great
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breath whether urinous or acetonous or alcoholic or laden with
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and give a fine scale. Sometimes the lesion is less sharply defined
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Department the patients returning home within an hour or tw o fol
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this early acute polyarthritis which we designate Type A. Of
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antabuse is a chemical treatment of alcoholism that
pericardial sac owing to pericarditis to so great an extent that it
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but a blood culture taken then demonstrated the presence of a
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when present are valuable diagnostic aids in acute appendicitis
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pain and inconvenience in brushing the hair. A third variety is
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hygiene disinfection of the expectoration of teachers and children
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to set aside mere coincidence there would still remain behind to
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single in the different occupations. The percentage of positives
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throughout convalescence. Its use possesses many advantages
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