persons in contact with diphtheria who have no antitoxin or only a
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delicate bloodvessel walls and hence greater liability to ru ture from
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ating surface and the constant effusion of lymph in attempts to
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cantonments and civil centers that more than a cursory comment
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the umbilicus. There were occasional attacks of pain over the
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sternum or o er the sternum itself. In this series of cases the
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weakness of vision trembling of the limbs palpitation of the
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The coarse result of these changes is enlargement of the epi
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tissue which do not or at least ery rarely generalize. These are
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hands are also especially slow and awkward. Mentally the patients
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combined intraspinal and intravenous and intravenous treatment
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complicated l y migrating polymorphonuclear leukocytes fibrin and
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that supply the muscles causing a contraction or spasm.
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comfort to the patient. There is little or no pain following the
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Griffith Britifih Med. Jour. February emphasizes the
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right empyema operated right intrapleural hemorrhage prob
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and on the other giving a rough measure of the amount of help
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gastric catarrh duodenitis hepatitis splenitis diarrhea enteritis
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formed over per cent of the cells present. Large and small
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The Bible should be regarded as the history of a particular
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Hunyadi Janos or Apenta water. Sir A. Clark who considered
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not show a downward tendency after a few days when the amount
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As to accessory signs of this lesion which will be helpful when the
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two years after operation he returned to his work as a miner. Six
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sipelas in pneumonia and influenza patients recovered. One of
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Chlorides. The chlorine which is contained in urine exists in
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with a rate under almost until death. The disparity between
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autopsy ISS where the pleural fluid was almost clear and straw
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Nervous affections are essentially infectious and contagious
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Two cases of multiple arthritis were seen in of these endocarditis
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tion to obstetric diagnosis including the condition of the breasts and
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a cleaned call s stomach and covering with good sherry wine
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tion all medicinal dietetic and hygienic measures which tend to
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best given in drachm doses dissolved in mint water to mask its
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elimination of the lead and the opinion of most physicians is that
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entirely regained his former strength. Eighteen months before the
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causing symptoms until a week or more after wounding lest infec
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with positi e findings in these animals. Agglutination tests were made
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Modern therapeutics which rests upon a scientific basis has
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placing a blunt hook under the muscle and raising it and then
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count was only per cent. The anemia itself was of a secondary
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lamp to the boiling point the albumen if present will separate
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tional symptoms of toxemia and fair health in spite of distressing
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were four tuberculous abscesses and one miliary case with foci in
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Octobe S at Camp Hunt Le Courneau in the Department
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Albuminuria occurs in cardiac disease after an epileptic fit

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