irritants which are without important effect upon healthy persons may

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much impressed and consults one of those mountebanks her

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fixed hour in the day and which sometimes replaces an attack

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cially toward evening. He lost considerable weight and strength.

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who after successfulh passing the draft board examination mani

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wonderful experience. Out of it has de eloped a great munber of

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existence with other causes which engender a feeble vitality under

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but only in specially selected cases. In all blood cultures were

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and the above table should be interpreted with this in mind.

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whether the other conditions rentiered it more or less loud or

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interfered with and that in this way although the glands were

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to accumulate indicates that the use of the influenza vaccine which

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relief in the arious treatments which several physicians had advised

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their principal constituent and are useful for the treatment of gastro

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Before the patient is permitted to get up some form of mechani

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The favorable symptoms will be an increase in weight an ani

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The back is flattened there is a hollow under the arm pit the

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these are certainly not constant or even common changes. The skin

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may be the result of the normal increase in reagent without relation to

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course of the malady is not uniformly downwards occasionally re

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should be inserted up the vagina as far as possible with the finger

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varied that it is difificult to deal with them in any systematic or

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strictly within ordinary therapeutic limits. The effect must be

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an intensely bitter taste slightly soluble in ether

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constrained position in writing walking or in ordinary duties.

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There is a brilliant future for peroxide of hydrogen. In addi

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blood changes were primary and essential to the pathologist of

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have any real connection with rickets. The subjects of achondro

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said he was always nervous never could play with the other

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hands of the parents and should be regulated by the most

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the similar condition in bone the term caries is reserved. Lastly

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of cases as the lesions produce a state of functional insufficiency. He

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replacement of the muscle substance by oil globules and granules

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fluid hydrochloric acid is added till the whole becomes curd

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been driven against the vessel wall by its lower specific gravity. But

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derived from the breaking up of albumen either that of the tis

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quently develop. The mental faculties recover their vigour and

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