This substance was recommended. for certain intestinal affec

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GS and a second blood culture taken at this time remained sterile.

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been designated pleurosthotonos. By and by the nerves that

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cases of strangulated hernia in the radical cure for hernia in

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coming in contact with the vascular lining. The greatest por

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for sxTDhilis from which much was expected. My predecessor in

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the management of gynecological cases of disease induced by

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by the auscultatory method were made of systolic and diastolic

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plain that there is great uncertainty about its exact pathology.

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as associated with alterations in morphology that the more or less

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and the more frequent with the lapse of time in fact such irregularity

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Being a finer powder it enters and covers the part more com

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cancellous spaces and the medullary canal are all enlarged and

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tion to its continued use arising from its action in inducing albu

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commonly found near the hilum although the affection may involve

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tubercle bacilli show s the definite tubercular nature of sputum their

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a neurotic disposition and a general defective nutrition of the

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creolin over acid was further shown by its great power of pre

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In nocturnal emissions of our drained dut young men the drug

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as the situation in which that organism is growing. At present we have

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monia acute vegetative endocarditis and infarcts of the kidney.

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SmiMARY.. Transitional leukocytosis or an increase in large

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The fluid was again clear contained cells no red blood cells

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secure better healing through improved general nutrition as the

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mals and birds. The bacilli can be detected in the sputum and

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either the i form or the must be thought of In the absence

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not enlarged whereas in those that are chronic it is considerable.

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theria a brief recapitulation of the most important points brought

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seven early and eight late. Thirty seven specimens Mere found in the

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Heart s Blood. Of cultures taken showed irani negative

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The cases without history of miscau iage had not cen pregnant

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The investigations of Lieut. Seham camp epidemiologist seem

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into the general circulation. The patient suffering from saturnine

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regulation is indicated Ijy the failure to grow when both sodium and

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the abdominal walls d prolapse of the mesentery. To effect a

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sarcomas of the thymus that have been described are perhaps

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tubercle bacilli show s the definite tubercular nature of sputum their

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as they have ever been wont to neglect later stages. The more a

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stant cough which gradually became more and more distressing.

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