ministration. Externally we have used a one per cent. mixture
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ancemia and when best marked it can be felt as a continuous
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in addition to which clear specimens were incubated sejiarately. As
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most cases the expression of intestinal putrefaction although its
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of the chief blood forming organ to repair the corpuscular loss which
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nature are reahzed by it man s mind is endiwed with divine
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lobular consolidation rather than a true lobar form. Case Mu
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the healthy but the condition which is above all characteristic of
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Dose two four six to eight grains every three hours.
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larity may be observed with acromegaly the most obvious differences
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This increase of growth and development for the first three
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varies generally and there are usually to be seen isolated nerve
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ticularly valuable application which should not be overlooked is
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contained liters of clear pale fluid. Careful search was made in the
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copy the following which is part of a report made to the Health
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termination is traversed within one or two years and much more
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with a pure culture of the organisms. The symptoms and pathological
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roentgenographic examination of the urinary tract in e ery case in
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uutlior s when lie found that inhalation of attenuated bacilli in dust
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rickets in the early months of life whilst still at the breast. More
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anoth fer case one of catarrhal congestion of the larger bronchi
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appear causing an old scar to present its characteristic depressed dead
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of a per cent argyrol solution for its antiseptic value and it also
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of calcium in the tuberculous area and may assume a ariety of forms.
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ulceration suppuration internal hemorrhage and death to the
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roentgen signs were positive in. A hyperleukocytosis was noted
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internally and as lotions and also its use as an abortefacient.
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frequency of its occurrence in the veins of the lower limbs and in
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Kreyberg thinks that a long time elapsing between the birth of
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swelling and tenderness. Bilateral panophthalmitis developed.
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obvious relation to chemical constitution. This is quite true. It
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which are the seat of malignant neoplasms cancers sarcomas
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can imagine that would weaken any portion of the cord or its
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the tubercular bacilli does not seem to be antagonistic to high
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the pink marrow and other lymph canals are germ laden blocked
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corpuscles in the red stained areas and the products of corpuscular
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overwork relaxing climate sexual excesses or any excessive

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