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unfortunately as regards the ultimate issue this disease is inevitably
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sary to or F. until all the ether has evaporated when
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Resuscitation Work in a Casualty Clearing Station. Charles and
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signs or anything in the present illness suggestive of syphilis. When
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The immunity conferred by this agent appears to be of short dura
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tissue sometimes to such an extent as to give the cut surface a
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large. The hair becomes very dry and sparse baldness being not
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in this manner especially when one considers that in anxiety and
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philic myelocytes and immature forms of eosinophilic polymor
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organic matter. As these intensely virulent poisons were first
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tip.. The conical or filiform are distributed all over the
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every four hours up to three or four doses after which time the
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commencing with a weak solution of i of per cent and gradually
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numl er of midernourished children. One quarter of this
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ances in muscle power or means of locomotion were noted. Finally a
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serous membrane which furnishes a fluid for the protection ot
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three years the average duration being eighteen months. Cases
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infection of the lice. Thus the icious circle was interrupted. Had
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of coagulated blood fibrin etc. and afterwards of definite fibrous tissue
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upon because of the roentgen ray findings rather than for multiple
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one half of his cases confirmed Beneke s theory the other one half
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Protrusion of the eye ball is a general symptom of wasting
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festooned appearance at reflected edge of gums often diarrhea
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ribs and thus come forward thrusting the sternum along in front of
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For a more elaborate descriptive article the reader is referred
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location of the thymus arc se eral large irregular nodular masses
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after ingestion of the barium meal and the tenninal ileum was
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evidence of a former attack of syphilis and this will be all the
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bodies she excites less or more inflammation around them
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glomerular epithelium allows all the sugar to pass and none is retained.
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The remarkable hypertrophy which may involve the whole body as in
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tion never can injure and it can always be depended on to kill
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to injection has been encountered invariably results in marked pressure
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lar moderately high temperature for three months was diagnosed
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occasionally precede the acute attack but as a rule no warning
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the cases. In addition a certain number showed a definite coryza
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Toxic filtrates of Streptococcus hemolyticus cultures for mice
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may drink only pure water eat food of the best free from all
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the expernnental work of the utmost importance hi these cases
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this time might be attended by a serious outcome by producing a
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solid homogeneous cylinders in which no trace of individual corpuscles is