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appeared to be eliminated and the frequent changing of dressings

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It must ever be remembered that both in tuberculosis and

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of the disease is about per cent in well marked cases.

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cord trauma has been o erlooked. In several cases of fracture of the

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cytes the characters of which have been described although by no

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thyroid extract acts antagonistically to the extract of the chromaffin

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circulatory system li er kidney or severe diabetes anfl emphysema.

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Contamination of the air respired may be due either to an

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Anatomical Diagnosis Empyema left pericarditis purulent

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It is quite possible that nervous influence may accelerate this

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The frequency with which the various parts of the skeleton are

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for us by Dr. Lieb in the laboratory of experimental pharmacology

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in its severe and fatal forms whereas it once was common enough

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blood changes were primary and essential to the pathologist of

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presenting. The pelvis was slightly smaller than normal. Pains con

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advanced case there may be some degree of leucocytosis which is

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Rupture Poupart s ligament passes through the crural ring

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The bacillus of tubercle strikes at the nutrition of bone it

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The red malodorous sweat of the arm pit is due to the presence

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eminent dermatologists of Massachusetts have found hydro

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with possibly one exception. This soldier was exaggerating certain

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Where a special inhaling chamber can be contrived the vapor

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system and that an injection of the expressed juice of the thymus

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blankets and from hot water bottles was the first and most important

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so and when the joints of the fingers present this condition it may

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blood serum reaction whether in oh ement of the central nervous

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Rest to the diseased bone is useful and it should be employed

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Death before these germs can enter the blood is deplorable

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It is situated in the pelvis or lower portion of the

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ized by fractional sterilization in an Arnokl sterilizer. This medium

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compoimd a compound of non colloidal glucose with a substance

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discharge of blood stained mucus according to the bladder or rectum

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ing up the prolapse of the mesentery should even be entertained.

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and pains in the back legs and joints associated with headache and

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bronchitis and practically no pneumonia. These last cases resembled

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remedies. Cramps and aching pains in various muscles and

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haps be taken with approximate accuracy as the limits between

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SuivBLARy. A diagnosis of bronchiectasis may be arrived at only

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organism apparently bears a specific relationship to the disease

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normal. After some days perhaps as many as ten slight twitchings

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various fibrous structures of the joint. The deposit is not on the

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drawing conclusions with regard to a single scar found on the

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