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areas stood out rather sharply and frequently were in the form of a

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I. Nature of the soil A high mortality occurs on loose soils

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liable to be present are apt to manifest local cutaneous inflamma

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individual into the open air is the first thing to be done and

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the body and more especially on the muscular tissue of the blood vessels

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The size of the heart has been another misleading sign in the

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without apparent detriment we have reduced the intake of sugar

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ment. In fact this amount of salvarsan is usually inadequate even

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subcutaneous and intermuscular hsemorrhages with swelling of the

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hydrochloric acid. Arbitrarily an assumed normal blood or better

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averted the boroglyceride heated into an oily consistency is

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Lenhartz cure the Si py cure comparative results of the various

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expected a positive blood culture after the first dose of serum given

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control of the infection. The patient should be discharged in such

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he can by attempts at deglutition. When the stomach has been

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shin bone pain pain in loins knees and around ankles eyes pmk

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by wandering leucocytes or perhaps excreted from adjacent cells as

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Treatm.ent. No attempt should be made to extract the worm

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cles surrounding the diseased bone. This is especially the case

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polyuria associated with hysteria and hydronephrosis is intermittent

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the sun s rays and reforming the dress. He recommends for children

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are more common after tonsil operation than is generally believed.

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the abscess cavity is draining into the bowel the same technic can be

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salutary. The internal administration of comp. saxifraga ozon

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of original work and he in turn distributes something of his informa

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the following objects i the treatment of the gouty paroxysms and

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tion metabolism of carbohydrates and fats problems of dietetics

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usually good increasing cyanosis tendency to hemorrhage icterus

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seems to be evoked or stimulated to increased efTort by the mere fact

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Most decided benefit is derived from the nightly use of the co

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which the patient leads in that climate is the most important.

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