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known and the authors are to be congratulated for an excellent
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pneumonia occurred in about er cent of the British and in
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tant and fill a useful place in the distribution of knowledge. In this
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more frequently those who ha e enjoyed previous good health and have
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and perhaps by the administration of alcohol. When the local inflam
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I. The use of cold water should be particularly avoided by
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and that is ovariotomy. In larger tumors than those mentioned
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lumbago nervous cough hooping cough its use overcomes all
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morphia and bromide of potassa stand pre eminent of all morbid
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the parasite begins to emerge slight traction and winding on a stick
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On the other hand when tubercle bacilli are poured in large
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years after the appendectomy. This persistence of a transitional
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The general management of all those cases was the patient
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of the intercellular substance of the tissues we shall find that when
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for more than tAvo years. Of the Americans were less than thirty
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Irritable Heart of Soldiers both conditions being expressions of a
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absolute and relative increase of the urea chlorides and phos
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Essentially it consists in the formation of the insoluble proteid body
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assumes that the germs of the disease exhaust the elements in
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Viscasissima. claimed by bacteriologists to be a very valu
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who had mild symptoms with shght tachycardia at rest. These
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opportunity to examine patients suffering from each of these diseases
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drawn as regards clinical characters or morbid appearances in the
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the treatment he says They often feel miserable so that there is
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saliva kissing close contact as in sleeping through air water
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remarkable for its vascularity and high nerve endowment. The
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New Guinea. It is present in the peripheral blood by day and night.
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served but when this symptom is present a stricture of large
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the mode or manner in which it is introduced as well as the
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or three times a day and allowed to dry on. Syphilitic scaly
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years and a doubtful instance of six years. This author also has
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drug have been immense and the most satisfactory unprecedent
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the first day of pneumonia wutli a perfectly normal heart showed an
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and destroys the red corpuscles. And although such direct evidence
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weeks full adrenin eflect on the part. This would seem to establish
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mal saline and may enable a patient who has not lost blood excessively
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or his fluid intake or both c.c as his blood volume deficiency is
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under the category of purpura a conclusion which will be further
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and a blood count now showed Hemoglobin per cent er thro
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sixty minims according to the virulence of the case.
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operative work. Xor is this the only hitherto unsolved problem in
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growths of various sizes studded over the canal. In the female
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feeble vital power weak digestion the generation of acids lactic

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