in a state of freedom from residual urine thus minimizing the danger

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without drainage. He also refers to foiu cases in which the use of

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have been stupor and mutism. The mechanism in these cases is

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thyroid gland appeared subnormal on ref ceding to and gm.

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is accumulated in certain definite masses which are separate and dis

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about by a nimiber of causative factors. Ewing emphasizes the

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instances to the streptococcus in one to a mixture of these two

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atmosphere of the apartment. This quantity will be sufficient to

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extensive increase takes place in the fibrous tissue which adds consider

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greater for the American patients than for the British.

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ovarian tumors which thus obstruct the passage of the child. It

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of asthenia or gradual exhaustion but towards the end there may

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gradations into fibromata and columnar epithehomata closely resemble

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Can the Frequency of Some Obstetric Operations be Diminished

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of one year she lost forty pounds in weight. A arious diagnoses

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was a case of pyloric stenosis which eventually came to operation

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Local applications to the affected joints in the form of stimulant

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All the various granules as well as the commoner parasites bacteria

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improved rapidly. The cough however did not lessen in severity

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To the ulcer either powdered jequirity or a paste or pastile of

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resorcin thallin and numerous other agents incorporated in a

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when the ova become immersed in water and these subsequently develop

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kinds suspended in the sewer air and causing the various infec

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tolic pressures were cjuite normal the systolic pressure being

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affections of the pituitary may be of the same nature as the relation

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very mild coiu se. imvaccinated troops were used for controls.

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discharge is very speedily reduced to a slight oozing. In chronic

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the temperature has been normal and other symptoms have dis

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only epilepsy but migraine asthma chorea and other nervous dis

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atrophy which exceeds that which could be accounted for as the

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cut section of a lardaceous organ will stain the substance a deep

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presenting these new methods of technic it is with the feeling that

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the amount of adrenalin in proflucing certain pathological states.

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stomach resents ill treatment ordinarily this form of malady is

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antidote theory or the theory of antagonism which supposes

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Fneumocaccus Motingiti.s. Only two of the pneumonias deveIoi ed

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agar and blood serum. In the beef broth the colonies of bacilli

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exhaustion. Frequently they have headache are sleepless rest at

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military orthopedics has been extensively revised and contains

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tissues should be brought together. Several supporting stitches of

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it is free from the repellant and nauseating effects of salicylate of

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both are essentially different. In rheumatism we have a bacillus

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