with the usual symptoms characteristic of tuberculosis of the kidney
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at any time reseat the constant presence of the urine or the periodical
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Dose From one half to one teaspoonful to be taken every
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The condition of the mothers improved with treatment thouij h
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roentgen signs were positive in about per cent of the cases
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most commonly manifested either as movements of the upper extremi
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anesthesia. Two radiographs of cervical spine at this time showed
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the Pancreas The gland was about cm. in diameter. The germ
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due to central lesion. When due to the latter cause complete
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buted to tape worms or at any rate have coincided with the presence
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absorbed. A little and little is gained by its passage every other
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These are known as megaloblasts and normoblasts. The latter are
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whereas rice proved rather less effective as an antiputrefactive
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the lower lobe. Heart enlarged and pulled to the left.
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of filarise p. the trichina spiralis p. and the bilharzia
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but my own observations have proved to me that secondary ureteral
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coucheur. At the same time the abdomen over the uterus and
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fourth cervical segments. Examination of the pharynx disclosed
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cate new membrane is not affected by it. Third. It exerts no
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had as commonly associated lesions septic pneumonia purulent
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pared every physician should have recourse to it in diphtheria
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mass of leucocytes is composed of a form which does not exist in
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Of these strains agglutinated with T qDe C serum not with
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headache and rheumatism having the effect of clearing the in
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infarctions occupying a large portion of a lobe grayish in the central
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far advanced cases. The occurrence of pneumococci and streptococci
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going to bed and permitted to remain over night if constipation
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in the urine of the characteristic hexagonal crystals is probably in
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dyspnoea from pressure on the trachea dysphagia from pressure on
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meninges following it is significant enough to suggest the importance
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It is said to have some relationship with malaria but indeed its
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diate and forcible pressure on the bone generally causes marked
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puncture again produced clear fluid. On the third day his condition

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