Relation of Meteorological Conditions to the Prevalence of Pneumonia.
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water carefully sponged out the cavity of the uterus cleansed
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In studying growth under conditions in which the specific inorganic
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They are classified and thus named fibro plastic fibro nucleated
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should of course be avoided if possible. The glass syringe should
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Notice to Contributors. All communications intended for insertion in the
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eight hours of irregular uterine contractions with no progress section was
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electricity and radiation and another on the economics of surgical
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lungs thickening of the walls of the stomach ovarian and uterine
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denness of its arrest the helplessness of the sufferers and the
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neutralizing ptomaines. It may be given along with sweet spirits
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on the thirt gt fourth da after onset. Type I pneumococcus was
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general state of stupor was well marked the patient whilst spoken
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and scabies the results obtained with boracic acid have been
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where the blood vessels are small the tissue resistant and the absorbents
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SuMiMARY OF RESULTS. The cclls encountered were Poly
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be considered. It is conceivable that those people who have had
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females are syphilitic and a minimum of per cent of marriages
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The risk of collapse already referred to must not be forgotten.
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ized by fractional sterilization in an Arnokl sterilizer. This medium
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ture will rise to or without any intercurrent inflammatory
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it is dried rapidly even at a temperature of about F. it retains
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New Guinea. It is present in the peripheral blood by day and night.
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being obtained before or after adding bichromate. The figures for
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indicate that the positive chemical tests were robably due to some bther
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Perhaps it will be more easy to follow these conclusions and to
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gressive wasting is noticed and the patient becomes distinctly
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In summary this case of scleroderma jjossesses many features
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the kidneys. Small hyaline casts are present in the incipient
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have been met with in the blood have already been described.
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parative readings of the hemoglobin percentage before and after the
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that is the tracheobronchial nodes showing evidence of infection and
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thighs arms or scalp. We must be very careful however in
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Less. often the bony outgrowths will produce dislocation.
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very seldom too that any increase of the epiphyseal enlargements
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is mostly employed externally and that most frequently in the
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microbic theory of the disease for the same gap in the evidence
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and the velocity of the blood flow through them is greater often
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Convalescence from an acute infectious disease assuredly cannot
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quence of a slow inflammatory process yields to the pressure of
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Diffraction in the Human Eye and the Phenomena of Colored Rings
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bronchi which drain it. The result is that crepitations and mucous
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They look upon the liver and the intestinal villi as transforming the
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sufficient quantities is capable of sto ping the action of organ
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upper posterior third of the lower lobe. The rest of the lung feels

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