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it impart any odor to the breath but it kills the gonococcus the

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hold in check the syphilitic processes. Probably we may still

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Sulphur sulphur and precipitated sulphur or milk of sul

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indestructible unless under a great heat. Quite a large number

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which if iminterrupted proceed to the complete destruction of the

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ment of war injuries of the face. The former includes associated

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after exercise and previous to their induction into service. These

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analogous to the entity neurocirculatory asthenia and their atho

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it is of a peculiar hissing character. These several forms of dyspnoea

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exercise KiO. In two minutes still rapid. Dizziness exhaustion

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tive the alkaloids may accumulate and give rise to those symp

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example that mere pressure will lead to the appearance of severe bed

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The same strict interpretation of metastasis must be ai plied

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tant and fill a useful place in the distribution of knowledge. In this

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taminated and revealed among other bacteria a colony of Gram

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tomy was performed and the left ovary was found enlarged nockdar

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without being associated with meningitis. In Elser and

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bacilli in a variety of cell groups and the organisms of mouse septicemia

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Nux Vomica strychnos nux vomica when administered in

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demonstrated in smears or cultures from the lung tissue showing

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parasites had reached the liver vzd the common bile

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epidemically and endemically. By injecting into guinea pigs the blood

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temporarily alight upon the surface of the host Ectoparasites.

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Manaca when thoroughly impregnated with four volumes of

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of barren cysts are formed as buds from the granular walls. Most

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recent investigations and in all instances he gives the reader the

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nuclear cells not bearing granules and varying numbers of coarsely

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