and the fluids and tissues of the body many kinds of microbes

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Pure cocaine dissolved in coca butter is also most efficacious.

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The majority of the patients in this series came from one trans

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impregnating and developing into perfect being with thinking

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severely gassed. And it is commonly admitted that prisoners of

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appears which on further addition of the reagent dissolves and a clear

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pancreas but the metastases in these instances were apparently

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and if necessary be drawn off by catheter. In diabetes the specific

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lation and coming in contact with the bacilli in the blood de

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severe but in the case of sensitive persons cocaine can be used.

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within six months. His family history was negative and his past

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long been known. Such articles as meat pies especially of pork or

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pared every physician should have recourse to it in diphtheria

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postoperative management the care of cases not operated on and

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contrast to the impossibihty of finding the Weichselbauni organism

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to produce the same effect. The effects usually last two to three

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rupture of the heart as a cause of sudden death is fearfully

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virulent form the fulminating type the meninges may very well

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nothing can be done with them. They are lazy indifferent hard to

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was negative and Fehling s solution was reduced. Xo organisms

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Lung Cultures. Gram negative diplococci agglutinated by

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extended period. Epistaxis may be speedily checked by plug

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Syphilitic Hepatitis drink and to this organ the bacil

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October. The patient looked decidedly paler than he had

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that such cases do occiu and such athoIogical conditions should

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suture and a subcuticular stitch may be employed. The writer believes

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it is completely killed or drops out then poultice and dress as

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leukemia may have been present at least after splenectomy I am

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The correct treatment gradual dilatation and absorption.

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whether acidosis or any other chemical cause of death could be found

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charge of the indurated chancre or from the ulcers in the mouth.

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times bloody. The cough in most of my cases has been loose

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illness. He was treated at Wegele s Sanitorium in for gastric

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as the brood of syphilitic germs in an ulcer or swarms of the

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advanced. Mayo and McGrath say that lack of knowledge as to

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diminished area of systemic circulation which is probably beneficial

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Krumbhaar reports finding m per cent of his cases a bacillus

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J. Strangulated Hernia. A hernia may be said to be strangu

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through cannula liters of solution containing. per cent. NaCl

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physical examination almost all chest conditions can be rightly